How to display code on WordPress website

If you want to make any tutorial website with WordPress and display your code ( HTML, CSS, PHP) for the tutorial like this.


echo "Hello World";


Then here is a cool solution for you.

  • Download this plugin Syntax Highlighter Evolved and activate on your WordPress website.
  • Then use shortcodes for show your codes like this

Check all the other shortcodes for show CSS, JS or HTML code.

Sometime developers don’t want to use any plugins. Here is another solution for that. You can show your code by Encode and Decode them and write on Text option of your WordPress text editor.

&lt;?php echo &quot;hello world&quot;; ?&gt;

It might be difficult to encode and decode all your codes. Here is a solution for that. You can copy all your codes Here and get all the code in encoded format.

Hope these will works.

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