WordPress Theme Development Part 1 – Introduction

Without any doubt WordPress is world’s most popular CMS for any type of website. Few years ago, one of my friends recommended me to check WordPress as a web development tool. Over night I complete to check all admin menus and felt WOW !!!  How easy to create a website this days. Interesting part is whole the world felt same like me. Now if you plan to create any blog, magazine, e-commerce and even multi vendor, WordPress is everywhere.

Advantages of WordPress

  • Community

When the matter is support then community is a fact. WordPress have the biggest community in website world.  If you face any problem to operate WordPress or its internal coding, simply google it and you will understand that how easy to work with a CMS if the community is huge.

  • SEO 

WordPress is the best SEO solution for a website. If you use WordPress then most of the On Page SEO work as permalinks, title, content, image,  alt tag seo is simply cover by WordPress.

  • Themes

Any category of WordPress themes are available in the market. Theme is the most powerful feature. If a client want a website for animal foods. Then most of the developers first find a WordPress theme for that. Because many features are already included on the theme that the client looking for.

  • Plugin

Just like themes large number of WordPress plugins are available in the market. Plugins reduces developers work significantly. If you want to add Facebook like, comment & share options in your website. Just install a plugin and activate it. It will take 5 minutes maximum.

  • User Friendly

WordPress is easy for both users and developers. Create a new page or post in WordPress is simply easy as create a Facebook status. It has super easy system for manage category wise  contents of a website.

  • Security

WordPress Developers upgrades its version very frequently. So when a security threat comes, developers always concern about that and fix it at the next version.

So these are some reasons that will help you to understand why you will create your web development career with WordPress. If you want to create the next version of you in the world of WordPress then start to learn WordPress theme development from the next tutorial. Wish you a good luck.

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