WordPress Theme Development Part 2 – Getting started

Well you are reading this article it means you already know about web development and you have basic ideas about WordPress. Before start to learn WordPress theme development you need knowledge about these following things –

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • WordPress Admin Panel
  • Basic PHP and MySQL

If you already know php programming that is great. If you have little bit idea that will ok. But if you don’t have experience with php, its maybe a difficult task for you. Although I know some person who are good in WordPress theme development without having any knowledge about php. Because of WordPress is super user friendly, when you see any WordPress function you can assume its uses by its name.

Install XAMPP or WAMP

PHP is a server side programming and WordPress made with php so you must install XAMPP or WAMP server in you pc. For Mac use MAMP and for Linux use LAMP.

Install WordPress

Download and Install the latest version of WordPress in XAMPP. Then open both, Website and WordPress admin panel in your browser.

Add HTML template

In the WordPress root directory you will see wp-content folder. There you will find themes folder. Inside themes folder there are already some themes are given by WordPress. Here you will create your new theme. I’m using a Travel html theme to convert WordPress.  So I give the folder name travel.

Inside the travel folder I will add all my HTML, CSS and JS files.

Lots of HTML files in the theme root folder. I don’t need all of them now. So I’m creating a folder layouts and move all HTML files into it except index.html.

I create a index.php file into the themes root folder and copy all the html codes from index.html and paste into index.php. Then remove the index.html file from root.

This is how I start. Check next tutorial to learn more.

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